Monitoring Center Extension

Expansion Description

Responsible for the monitoring of service call times and call time.

Extension ports

  • org.apache.dubbo.monitor.MonitorFactory
  • org.apache.dubbo.monitor.Monitor

Extended configuration

<!-- Define the monitoring center -->
<dubbo:monitor address="xxx://ip:port" />

Known extensions

Extended example

Maven project structure:

                |-XxxMonitorFactoryjava (implement the MonitorFactory interface)
                | (implement Monitor interface)
                |-org.apache.dubbo.monitor.MonitorFactory (plain text file, content:

import org.apache.dubbo.monitor.MonitorFactory;
import org.apache.dubbo.monitor.Monitor;
import org.apache.dubbo.common.URL;
public class XxxMonitorFactory implements MonitorFactory {
    public Monitor getMonitor(URL url) {
        return new XxxMonitor(url);

import org.apache.dubbo.monitor.Monitor;
public class XxxMonitor implements Monitor {
    public void count(URL statistics) {


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