Configuration Manual

Dubbo abstracts a series of structured configurations. For different users, it can not only quickly start services with minimal configuration, but also precisely control service behavior through complex configurations when needed; In addition to the basic usage of API + Properties, Dubbo also supports SpringBoot, Annotation, XML, YAML, etc. in the form of configuration through the integration with Spring.

Configuration Overview

A general overview of the overall design and working principle of Dubbo configuration, including configuration components, configuration sources, configuration methods, and configuration loading processes.

API Configuration

Use API to configure your Dubbo application

Annotation configuration

Develop Dubbo application with Annotation and Spring Boot

XML Configuration

Develop Dubbo application with Spring XML

How Configuration Works

An in-depth interpretation of Dubbo configuration methods and working principles, including configuration formats, design ideas, sources, loading processes, etc.

Configuration Item Reference Manual

Contains all configuration components supported by Dubbo and all configuration items supported by each configuration component

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