5-19 - Embedded ZooKeeper running abnormally

Possible Reason

  1. The ZooKeeper service is running abnormally or down.
  2. The Zookeeper client version is incompatible with the server startup version and cannot be connected.
  3. The connection between the application server and the ZooKeeper service is interrupted.
  4. Restricted firewall or third-party protection tools.

Troubleshooting and resolution steps

  1. Check the ZooKeeper service and the health status of the server where it resides.
  2. Check whether there is a compatibility problem between the Zookeeper client version and the server startup version, and keep the versions consistent.
  3. Check whether the ports of the application server and the ZooKeeper service are unblocked.
  4. Check the firewall or third-party protection tool settings to see if it is disabled.