2-2 - No Provider available (address not found)

Possible Reason

There may be several situations at this time:

  • The Provider service is not started, or the registration center (such as ZooKeeper, Nacos, Consul) is down.
  • There is an error in the service configuration of Dubbo, you must ensure that the service name, group (default is Dubbo), and version are all correct.
  • The accessed environment is wrong: Usually we have multiple environments such as development environment, test environment, and online production environment. Sometimes the published service goes to the test environment, but the development environment goes away when the access call is made.

Troubleshooting and resolution steps

  1. Visit the Ops system of the registration center to check whether there is a provider list for the corresponding service; at the same time, check the log of the server where the caller application is located (generally, the client of each registered service will have corresponding log records) to check whether there is address information push/pull records.
  2. If not, it means that the publisher failed to publish the service. Check whether the publisher’s application starts successfully.
  3. If there is a service, check the registration center that the caller application is connected to, and confirm that it matches the expected environment.
  4. If there is no problem with the above, check whether the routing filtering rules are configured.


The FAQ page of this error code refers to “Dubbo Common Errors and Solutions”.

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