1-9 - Failed to read and write registry service cache

Possible Reason

  1. Multiple Dubbo processes (or other Java processes) use the same cache file.
  2. Due to the file system permission problem of the directory where the cache file is located, reading and writing fails.
  3. The value of dubbo.registry.file is entered incorrectly.
  4. Accidentally specify two registries to use the same file store.

Hint: If dubbo.registry.file is not specified, the registry service cache path defaults to the ~/.dubbo directory (where ~ is the user’s HOME directory)

Troubleshooting and resolution steps

  1. Check the value of dubbo.registry.file for typos.
  2. Check whether other processes use the same cache file.
  3. If dubbo.registry.file is specified, check its permissions in the file system.
  4. Check whether the situation of “two registration centers use the same file storage” occurs, and adjust if it occurs.

see also Reference Manual for Registry Configuration Items

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