Export thread stack

Automatically export thread stack in Dubbo to preserve the field

Feature description

Dubbo automatically exports the thread stack through Jstack to keep the scene, which is convenient for troubleshooting.

default policy

  • Export path: the user’s home directory identified by user.home
  • Export Interval: The shortest interval allows an export every 10 minutes
  • Export switch: open by default

scenes to be used

When the business thread pool is full, we need to know which resources and conditions the threads are waiting for in order to find the bottleneck or abnormal point of the system.

How to use

Export switch control

# dubbo.properties
<dubbo:application name="demo-provider" dump-enable="false"/>
    name: dubbo-springboot-demo-provider
    dump-enable: false

Specify the export path

# dubbo.properties
<dubbo:application name="demo-provider" dump-directory="/tmp"/>
    name: dubbo-springboot-demo-provider
    dump-directory: /tmp

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