Deploy the Istio environment

1. Preparations

  • The docker, helm, and kubectl environments have been installed.
  • dubbo-go cli tools and dependent tools have been installed

2. Deploy the Istio environment

  1. Use helm to install istio base CRD and istiod components. You can also refer to Istio Documentation to install using istioctl.
$ helm repo add istio
$ kubectl create namespace istio-system
$ helm install istio-base istio/base -n istio-system
$ helm install istiod istio/istiod --namespace istio-system
  1. Delete istio horizontal expansion resource

    *Currently dubbo-go relies on a single istiod instance for service discovery.

$ kubectl delete hpa istiod -n istio-system

After the installation is complete, you can see an istiod pod running normally under the istio-system namespace.

Last modified January 2, 2023: Enhance Dubbogo docs (#1800) (71c8e722740)