Basic concepts of configuration

1. Framework configuration

The Dubbo-go framework needs to rely on configuration to start. Configuration contains the various capabilities that a developer wishes to use with the framework.

Configuration format


Configuration path

Load framework configuration from ../conf/dubbogo.yaml by default

You can modify the configuration file path by specifying the environment variable: DUBBO_GO_CONFIG_PATH=$(your_config_path)/dubbogo.yaml.

Configure the root structure

Located at RootConfig

When the framework is loaded, any form of configuration will be parsed into RootConfig and loaded in the RootConfig.Init method.

2. Configuration API

Developers can start the framework by building configurations in the form of an API. This method is more suitable for the situation where dubbo-go is introduced as a third-party component.

3. Configuration Center

Developers can place configurations in the configuration center to facilitate configuration management and modification.

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