Install Dubbo-go development environment

1. Install the Go language environment

It is recommended to use the latest version of go 1.17

go version >= go 1.15

[Go language official website download address]

Add $GOPATH/bin to environment variable

2. Install the serialization tool protoc

[protoc download address]

Execute the following command to install dubbogo-cli to $GOPATH/bin

$ export GOPROXY=""
$ go install
$ dubbogo-cli

Install dependent tool plugins

$ dubbogo-cli install all

Make sure the tools installed above are located in the system environment variables

$ protoc --version
libprotoc 3.14.0
$ protoc-gen-go --version
protoc-gen-go v1.26.0
$ protoc-gen-go-triple --version
protoc-gen-go-triple 1.0.8

Last modified January 2, 2023: Enhance Dubbogo docs (#1800) (71c8e722740)